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Profolan owes its efficient impact to an innovative mix of natural ingredients – Grow3 formula that is responsible first of all for hair growth stimulation, and also for strengthening its natural tone and vitamins and minerals that blocks DHT, contributes to improvement of head skin’s blood supply and strengthens hair follicles.

Numerous clinical trials confirm positive impact of Profolan diet supplement to men’s hair condition. Even 9 per 10 clients found high level of satisfaction from reached results of conducted treatment after 3 months of regular preparation’s use. You only need 2 capsules per day to get rid of onerous alopecia problem once for all! Profolan’s efficiency is based on use of natural ingredients that what is important do not cause any side effects. This natural alopecia treatment is therefore completely safe for your body.



Common nettle (Urtica dioica) and dwarf nettle (Urtica urens) are plants from nettle family. Both strains of plant are characterised by effuse, serrated and heart-shaped leaves. Flowers, leaves, seeds and root of nettle are used to many types of therapy, because they contain various chemical compounds. Among others thanks to large quantity of nourishments this ingredient splendidly influences on stoppage of hair loss process which is confirmed by conducted researches.


Field horsetail

Field horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a herb that grows mostly in Europe. This ingredient has splendid source of nourishments that has many applications. It is confirmed by numerous researches, among others the ones conducted by specialists from University of Maryland Medical Center. Presence of this ingredient in preparation guarantees strengthening of hair from the inside by feeding hair bulbs with vitamins and many other microelements essential for general improvement of hair condition.



L-cysteine is a one from twenty main amino acids from endogenous group. Characteristic feature of l-cysteine is uniqueness of nourishments included in it. It participates among others in nutrition and cells regeneration processes. Therefore its deficit often leads to hair loss. Proper dose of l-cysteine in preparation assures that treatment with this preparation will be effective.


Vitamins and minerals

Component members of this preparation are simultaneously vitamins like E and B6 that according to University of Maryland Medical Center have significant influence on hair growth. Furthermore scientist since 90’ propounded that elements like zinc or copper can prevent hair loss. Conducted experiments initially proved that zinc and copper stops constringency of hair follicles and stimulate their regeneration.